Friday, August 16, 2019

I am the Resurrection and the Life

The fifth (of seven) in a series of hymns based on the I Am sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John.

You can hear it here.


I am the Resurrection and the Life

1. I am the resurrection and the life,
the One who frees his own from mortal strife.
He who believes in me will never die.
E’en though he die I will him glorify
and satisfy with life from heav’n above.

2. “Do you believe that what I say is true,
that this good news is meant also for you?
Do you believe that I have conquered death,
that I have come to give mankind new breath?
Do you believe that I will you renew?”

3. Yes, Lord, I do believe that you’re the Christ,
the Son of God in whom I place my trust,
the One who was to come into the world,
for whom the godly have for ages yearned.”
Christ will deliver us from death’s dark plight.