Wednesday, April 05, 2023

 George's Cars

Chevrolet Caprice (1967). This was my first car, which I bought in 1974 (49 years ago 😦), and is still my all time favourite. It was powered by a 327 c.i. (5.4 litre) engine and a quadrajet 4 barrel carburetor.
Sadly, I totaled it in 1976. 

My second car, a Pontiac Laurentian (1968), also powered by a 327 c.i. (5.4 litre) engine. I rescued the intake manifold and carb from my Caprice, so this car also had a quadrajet 4 barrel. I did not love this car, but just look at that Pontiac nose!

This was a beauty! A 1972 Chev Impala, 2-door hardtop powered by a 350 (5.7 litre. Sadly, someone rear-ended me, and the car was a total loss.

1972 Ford Cortina. I did not like this car very much, but it served for a while. Ironically, although it was my least loved car, I thought to take a photo of it after I'd washed it.

This was a nice one! A 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass, powered by a Rocket 350 (5.7) litre engine, two-door hardtop. I bought it as a gift for my girlfriend (now my wife 😁).  

Then we went sedate (eight years of university and seminary has that effect): a 1968 VW, powered by a 1500 cc engine. For a while, it was our family sedan, and the back seat had three car seats installed. (I should have washed it before I clicked the photo.)

In 1983 we moved to Hamilton, Ontario for me to begin my formal seminary training. I transported my VW in the back of the truck I drove from Langley, BC, to Hamilton (about 4,500 km). The greenhouse/nursery I was working for in spring time generously loaned me one of their trucks for the. It was a Kenworth cabover (unfortunately, no picture of it). It had a 26 ft box on the back of it, and pulled a 28 foot trailer (set up like an 'A' train). The 26 ft box was filled with plants, which I delivered in Regina and Winnipeg, and all of our earthly belongings (VW included) were in the 28 ft trailer. My eldest son (not yet four years old) came with me as Dora could only take two babes on the plane. Thankfully a brother-in-law, also a driver, accompanied me. A fun trip! Someone asked me how I was planning to get the car off. I answered that I had no idea at the time, but that I'd figure it out once I got to Hamilton. And I did. A friendly trucking firm with a loading dock equipped let me use their forklift ramp. Here you see my two brothers and a brother-in-law helping me load.

A 1976 Dodge Station Wagon. A very poor picture taken once when we were camping, and the only photo I have of it.  

A 1984 Ford Crown Victoria. I quickly snapped this picture as we were leaving Hamilton for our move to Ottawa in 1988.

A Dodge Grand Caravan (1990). The boy is Garnet.

A 1990 Chev Astro. It was a great people mover. We towed our travel trailer with it for many years.

1988 Mercury Topaz. A great little second car, eventually taken over by a son. It is looking a bit rough here and is nearing the end of its life.

A 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass, when I again needed a second car. A daughter eventually took it over.

2002 Saturn. A 5-speed, it was fun to drive. Sadly it was totaled by someone who did not see that it was stopped at a red light.

2002 Chevy Malibu. It was a good car.

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.
My second all time favourite vehicle, which we drove for about 15 years. It had a big V 8, so it was a bit of a fuel hog. We also used it to tow our travel trailer. It had four-wheel drive and a low range gear, but I never did do any off road driving with it. Too bad!

2012 Chevy Malibu.

And presently we're driving a 2016 Dodge Journey, AWD.

Left over from my first car.