Thursday, July 04, 2019

I Am the Good Shepherd

The fourth in a series of hymns based on the I Am sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John.

You can hear it here.


            I Am the Good Shepherd

1. I am the Good Shepherd — I lay my life down
for all of my sheep, those whom I made my own.
The false shepherd cares only for his day’s pay.
At first hint of danger he runs far away.

2. The wolf tears and scatters the flock Jesus loves
but Jesus is ruling from heaven above.
He gathers his people from Gentiles and Jews,
one Shepherd, one flock whom the Father did choose.

3. I am the Good Shepherd — I know all my sheep.
For them I arose, them in safety I’ll keep.
My sheep follow me for they know my kind voice.
We’ll all be together and always rejoice.