Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Prayer Based on Psalm 51

Lord, be merciful, to us,
in your love we only trust.
In your large expansive grace
our transgressions all erase.
Wash us from our stain and sin,
make us clean outside and in.

All our sins before you rise.
They are grievous in your eyes.
We have sinned ‘gainst you alone,
in your sight our evil done.
All your judgments, true and just,
bring us down into the dust.

We were sinful at our birth,
all our deeds of little worth.
When conceived we were unclean,
born into a life of sin.
With your hyssop scrub our soul,
make us pure, completely whole.

Then we’ll be as white as snow.
For the blood from Christ did flow
cleansing us from sin so strong,
saving us from every wrong.
Let me shout with joyful voice.
Glad and free, let me rejoice.
From our sins please hide your face,
our iniquities erase.
Give to us a brand new heart
and a spirit good impart.
Make us pure, for Jesus sake,
all our misdeeds from us take.

Then we’ll shout and dance and sing
Praise to you our God we’ll bring.
And our mouths shall praise the Lord
for the gospel’s gracious word.
We will serve you with delight,
and praise you both day and night.

Have mercy, O Lord.

Have mercy. AMEN