Saturday, April 04, 2015

A poem for Easter

O Christians, Praise the Lamb who Suffered

1.   O Christians, praise the Lamb who suffered,
through whom your sinfulness is covered.
Now, offer him your thankful praise;
a sacrifice of worship raise.
The Lamb has ransomed us, the sheep.
Our Shepherd will us safely keep.

2.   The Son of God, alone, is sinless.
Christ is the only one who`s blameless.
The spotless Lamb, the Undefiled,
has, to his Father, reconciled
us, sinners lost in guilt and shame.
Him, him alone, do we acclaim.

3.   The pow’rs of life and death contended
in mortal battle, strangely ended:
The Prince of life was put to death;
He gave to God his final breath,
but then he rose triumphantly
to reign as king immortally.

4.   The women went there Sunday morning.
Tears stung their eyes for they were weeping.
But then they saw an awesome sight:
An angel clothed in brilliant white.
He showed them Jesus’ burial clothes,
the empty shroud: our Lord arose!

5.   How bless’d are they who trust the gospel
instead of lies and idle babble.
Alleluia! Christ has been raised.
Forevermore will he be praised.
Have mercy on us, Victor King!
Amen, Amen, to you we sing.

Text: based on Victimae paschali laudes, 9th cent.