Monday, March 30, 2015

Thankful for many things

I am thankful for a good weekend in the GTA. It was great to see 60% of our children and 80% of our grandchildren, as well as our old mother and some siblings. It was a blessing to preach at Bethel Toronto and make some new friends. Bonus was that we got to go to a young lady's birthday party! Oh, the surprising joys of the ministry! The Bethel congregation was gracious, attentive, and friendly--as always.

On Saturday I was able to attend the office bearers' conference at Ebenezer Burlington where Dr. Cornelis Van Dam delivered an excellent speech on the situation of our Dutch sister churches and about how we need to be both patient and vigilant here in North America. I was glad to learn that his speech will soon be published, and I hope many will read it. His speech made me thankful for our seminary, CRTS. By the grace of God we continue to have a full complement of professors who are top drawer scholars and orthodox men who humbly bow before the Word of God, unimpeachable and trustworthy in every respect. This is not to be taken for granted.

Final Monday-morning thought is related to Classis Ontario West's overture to Regional Synod East to amend Article 14 of the Belgic Confession. One can read many opinions on the interweb about it, and I am not inclined to add my thoughts. I only want to observe that we probably do not pray enough (in our homes and churches) for our scientists. They are faced with questions that many of us seldom ask. Vocally to deny evolution theory could spell the quick demise of career. I pray that God may be with our scientists and doctors who are doing important work in teaching and research, all-the-while seeking faithfully and honestly to integrate the Reformed Christian faith and science. May God bless them!