Sunday, November 14, 2010

Song of Hannah

Dedicated to the persecuted brothers and sisters, for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Tune is Magnificat (Song of Mary; BoP Hy 13).

The Song of Hannah

1. My heart is filled with joy;
my voice I will employ
to praise the LORD my Saviour.
I mock my enemy
for God has set me free,
and shown to me his favour.

2. There is none like the LORD
who is by us adored,
the Holy One of Israel.
There is no one like God,
whom we will praise and laud.
Our Rock is God eternal.

3. Don’t talk pretentiously
or speak so boastfully
for God pays close attention.
The LORD gives careful heed
and weighs out every deed
of hurtful men and women.

4. He breaks the warrior’s bow
but lifts up those laid low
and arms them with his power.
The ones who were well fed
go begging for their bread
but God feeds those who hunger.

5. The barren wife is blest
with nurslings at her breast,
a household full of children.
The one with fertile womb
is filled with morbid gloom:
a fretful anxious person.

6. The LORD gives life, and kills,
and does whate’er he wills
for he is God Almighty.
He raises from the dust
all those who in him trust
and gives them thrones of glory.

7. This world is God’s domain;
his saints he will sustain
as they walk on securely.
The wicked he will ban;
he’ll silence evil man
in darkness, black and gloomy.

8. ‘Tis not by human might
that one is proven right;
God will judge his opponent.
The king he will supply
with power from on high
and raise up his anointed.

Text: 1 Samuel 2:1-10
Vers. George Ph. van Popta, © 2010
Tune: Magnificat