Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Psalm of Thanks

             A Psalm of Thanks

 1. Give thanks to God, call on his name;
let all the nations know
the mighty things that he has done;
before him humbly bow.
O sing to him, sing praise to him;
his acts are marvellous.
Tell of the mighty things he did,
so great and fabulous.

2. Do glory in his holy name;
let all the hearts of those
who seek the LORD rejoice in him
for he his people knows.
Look to the LORD and to his strength,
and seek his dazzling face,
resplendent, shining, full of love
and brimming with his grace.

3. Remember all his wondrous deeds,
the miracles, so great,
the judgments he pronounced to all,
his words of massive weight.
Remember these, O Israel –
you are his chosen ones.
Do not forget what he has done
for you, O Jacob’s sons.

4. He is the LORD, our faithful God,
whose love will never fail.
His judgments are in all the earth
and always will prevail.
A thousand generations have
enjoyed his mercy, deep.
His covenant he will uphold,
his promise he will keep.

 5. Firm stands the covenant he made
with Abr’am and his seed.
To Isaac, Jacob, Israel,
this promise he decreed:
“As everlasting covenant
to you a land I give,
the land of Canaan – it is yours!
A land where you may live.”

6. When they were few, of small account,
and strangers in the land,
while wandering from place to place,
God kept them in his hand.
He let no one oppress his folk;
to kings he did assert:
“Do my anointed ones no harm,
my prophets do not hurt.”

7. Sing to the LORD, sing, all the earth,
proclaim his saving name;
declare his glory round the world,
his marvels and his fame.
The LORD is worthy of all praise,
for he the heavens made,
while trust in idols and false gods
is certainly mislaid.

8. Splendour and majesty abide
in God’s own holy place.
All strength and joy are his alone
and dwell before his face.
Ascribe to God, all you who live
upon the earth below,
glory and strength to his great name;
before him humbly bow.

 9. Adore the LORD within his courts
and worship in his tent.
Praise him for all his mighty works
for he stretched earth’s extent.
Let all the nations quake with fear –
the whole vast human race.
The world’s established firm and sure
and cannot be displaced.

10. Let heav’n rejoice and earth be glad,
let seas and forests sing,
let fields and trees be jubilant,
for God is our great King.
Let all creation sing for joy,
all creatures, great and small;
the LORD will come to judge the earth,
our God, who made it all.

11. Gives thanks to God, for he is good
and loves us evermore.
“Save us,” we cry, “O Saviour God!
Your people, please restore!
Yes, gather us and set us free,
us from the nations raise,
that we may thank your holy name
and glory in your praise.”

12. Praised be the God of Israel,
Praise to the LORD of hosts,
all praise to him, to God alone,
in God alone, we boast.
We praise him ever and again
with song and dance and word.
Forevermore we’ll always say:
“Amen” and “Praise the LORD.”

Text: 1 Chronicles 16:8-36; vers. George Ph. van Popta, © 2010
Tune: Old Hundred Thirty-Seventh, Anglo-Genevan Psalter, 1556