Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The US election

Now that our election has taken place, we turn our attention to the Nov. 4th election in the USA. Likely not too many Americans were aware of ours whereas many Canadians are aware of the upcoming American election. C'est la vie. Such is life here on the North American continent. That's what it's like being a mouse living next to an elephant. We are used to it. (If you, reading this, are an American, please leave a comment about whether or not you knew we had an election a couple days ago. Likely I'm flattering myself thinking that any Americans ever read my blog.)

Canadian elections are mercifully short. Five weeks after the writ is dropped, the ballots are counted. American elections go on forever.

The upcoming election is interesting. Either way, whoever wins, it will be history-making. If Obama/Biden win, the USA will have the first Afro-American as president; if McCain/Palin win, the USA will have the first woman Vice-President. Interesting election. Interesting times.