Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canadian election results (one more thought)

The final seat distribution of Canada's 2008 Parliament (308 seats):
  • Conservatives: 143
  • Liberals: 76
  • Bloc Quebecois: 50
  • NDP: 37
  • Independent: 2
The frustrating point is the existence of the BQ with 50 seats. It's been asked 1000 times: why do we tolerate in our federal house a party devoted to the secession of one province from the federation? Quebec is the spoilt child of confederation. The other nine siblings watch quietly as the brat is spoiled. (Well, 8 watch quietly; there's also Newfoundland and Danny Williams, but that's a different story.) Concessions are made: "You want to be a nation? OK, you are nation within confederation." The money-taps are open. Preferential treatment is given. And yet, 50 out of 75 seats go BQ. The rest of the family is rebuffed once again. 

Just imagine if Quebec did succeed in seceding. The House of Commons would have 233 seats. Subtract the 25 Quebec seats the other parties and one independent won, and the results would have been:
  • Conservatives: 133
  • Liberals: 63
  • NDP: 36
  • Independent: 1
The Conservatives then, with 133 out of 233, would have had a good strong majority. It's not that I want Quebec to secede. It's just an observation.

Final thought on this: The riding of Gatineau in Quebec just across the river from Ottawa, and part of the National Capital region, went BQ. Think about it! Mildly bizarre.