Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals won big in Ontario today. A decisive majority. Too bad.

Mr. McGuinty, demonstrating bad etiquette, poor grace, and probably arrogance, gave his victory speech before Mr. Tory (PC) and Mr. Hampton (NDP) gave their concession speeches.

I wonder how the faith-based school funding issue will be resolved. Mr. McGuinty slammed Mr. Tory for the latter's intention to extend public funding to the other faith-based schools beside the Roman Catholic. Dalton said that public funding should only go to public schools. By "public schools" he means the public schools and the Roman Catholic schools. He is Roman Catholic. His wife teaches at a Roman Catholic school. His kids have gone or go to Roman Catholic schools. Are the Roman Catholic schools not "faith based"? The hypocrisy is startling.

Dalton blathers on about how we must not separate the children but keep them all together in the public system. Huh? The faith-based school he supports exists because of the Separate School Act.

Four years. Groan.