Monday, May 08, 2023

An Easter Hymn

 He lives forever! Alleluia!

1. Our Lord is risen. He burst our prison. Jesus, Saviour of our lives.
Death could not hold him, could not control him. He to us salvation gives.
It’s what he promised. Why be astonished?
The grave was open. Death’s grip lay broken.
He lives forever! Alleluia!
The snake he trampled. Hell’s claim he canceled.
Christ is the conqueror; he is the Victor.
He lives forever! Alleluia!

2. Now filled with gladness, no more with sadness, we delight in Christ our King.
We are rejoicing with praises voicing, cheerfully we all will sing.
Come, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers:
trust in him surely and live securely.
He lives forever! Alleluia!
Our hearts are longing to see his coming.
Living or dying in Christ abiding!
He lives forever! Alleluia!

3. Christ is our sovereign ruling from heaven, King of kings and Lord of lords.
He reigns victorious. He is all-glorious. From above he speaks his word.
Let us be watchful and heed the gospel.
For him we’re yearning. He is returning.
He lives forever! Alleluia!
Then we’ll inherit by Jesus’ merit
a place in heaven graciously given.
He lives forever! Alleluia!

George van Popta, 2020
(It can be sung to In Dir Ist Freude by Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, 1593)