Saturday, December 01, 2018

The Prayer of King Manasseh

The apocryphal book of 1 Esdras includes a prayer purportedly of King Manasseh, son of King Hezekiah. The biblical account of King Manasseh, of his apostasy and of his conversion, is recorded in 2 Chronicles 33. Verses 12, 13, and 19 mention his prayer of praise, confession, and for pardon. 1 Esdras is not the inspired Word of God, but these three songs were done in the spirit of Article 6 of the Belgic Confession. I used the NRSV text as basis.

Part 1: "Ascription of Praise"

"Prayer of Manasseh, part 1 of 3. Ascription of Praise." by George vP

Part 2: "Confession of Sin"

"Prayer of Manasseh part 2 of 3, Confession of Sin." by George vP

Part 3: "Prayer for Pardon"

"Prayer of Manasseh part 3 of 3, Supplication for Pardon." by George vP