Friday, June 02, 2017

For Pentecost

O Come, Creator Spirit, Come

O come, Creator Spirit, come;
visit our souls, make them your home.
Come with your grace and heavenly aid
to fill the hearts which you have made.
O gift of God, yours is the name
of Comforter who to us came,
the spring of life, the flame, the love,
the sweet anointing from above.
You, sev’nfold gift, by whom we stand,
You finger of God’s own right hand,
the Father’s promise sent to teach
the tongue a rich and heavenly speech.
Enlighten us with light divine;
may in our hearts your love now shine.
And grant our flesh, which is so frail,
Your mighty strength which does not fail.
Drive far from us the enemy;
give us your peace continually.
Then, as you lead us day by day,
we will avoid the sinful way.
Through you may we the Father know;
true knowledge of the Son bestow.
And you – the Spirit, they outpour –
may all trust you forevermore.
Praise God the Father, and the Son –
who once was dead but rose again –
and praise the Helper Christ did send,
forevermore, world without end.

Translation of the 9th century Veni Creator Spiritus