Friday, March 31, 2017

Merciful God and Father of our Lord

Prayer before communion

(To the tune of "Abide me")

1. Merciful God and Father of our Lord,
we thank you for the bread and wine outpoured.
In this Lord's Supper we recall the death
of your dear Son who breathed his final breath.

2. O may your Spirit work within our hearts
that we may have the faith which he imparts.
Grant that our contrite hearts may now be fed
with Jesus' flesh and blood, the heav'nly bread.

3. Forgive our sins and turn to us your face.
Include us in your covenant of grace.
Let us not doubt your love for us, your heirs.
Free us, we pray, from all our worldly cares.

4. Grant us your grace that we may bear our cross,
deny ourselves and count this world as loss.
In tribulation we await the One
who will perfect us—yes, your risen Son.

5. All this we ask of you, our God and King,
of you, our Father, who rules everything
throughout the ages and eternally.
We trust in you, Amen, so shall it be.

(Based on the prayer before communion, Book of Praise, p. 606)