Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Prayer for the Day of Pentecost

1. O come now Holy Spirit,
send forth Your heav’nly light,
resplendent, without limit,
in all its radiance, bright.
Come, Helper of the needy
who gives to us His gifts.
Fill us with shining glory
as You our hearts uplift.

2. You are the great Consoler,
sweet Guest of hurting souls,
the gracious Intercessor,
whose comfort we extol.
Give rest, when we are tired,
restrain us when we stray,
condole us when we’re mired
in this life’s tearful way.

3. O blessed Light from heaven,
our darkened hearts now fill
with every grace that’s given
to make us do God’s will.
Without Your intervention
in us there is no health
for vile is the intention
of everyone on earth.

4. Wash all that is corrupted,
drench everything scorched dry,
heal all those who are wounded,
with grace do them supply.
Bend that which is unbending,
warm all that has grown cold,
correct all who are erring –
do not Your love withhold.

5. You are the sev’nfold Spirit
on whom we do rely
to bless us with the merit
of Christ our Lord on high.
Give comfort to your people,
and save us at the end.
Grant us the joy eternal
when we to heav’n ascend.

Text: Transl. from Latin, George van Popta, 2010

My late friend, Chris Nobels, wrote a tune for this hymn, which can be seen here.