Monday, March 23, 2015

The Obedient Servant (lent poem)

The Obedient Servant
1. The Sovereign Lord has given me
a tongue by which I give instruction
to know the word of consolation,
the timely word for those who sigh.
Each morning he calls me to listen
for I must do as I am bidden.

2. My ears are open to the Lord
and I have never been rebellious.
I have obeyed with utmost calmness.
I will not disregard his word
but will accept what he commands me
and do whatever he demands me.

3. I gave my back to cruel beasts,
to those who flogged me without mercy.
My cheeks I gave to those who shamed me.
They pulled my beard out by the roots.
I did not hide my face from mocking
and from their filthy hateful spitting.

4. Because the Sovereign Lord gives aid,
before him I am not embarrassed.
I will trust him though things look bleakest.
And so my face like flint I’ve made.
He will defend my reputation
so that I am by shame not smitten.

5. My Vindicator is so near.
Who then will bring a charge against me?
I challenge them to try confront me.
I don’t think anyone will dare.
I’m ready to face my accuser.
None can condemn me – God’s my helper.

6. His troubled servant God will bless:
He will avenge me for my suffering.
His eyes were open to my writhing.
He saved me from all my distress.
My mockers will wear out like garments
and moths will eat up all the fragments.

George van Popta
Based on  Isaiah 50:4-9
Metre 899D