Monday, March 16, 2015

The Chosen Servant (a lent poem)

The Chosen Servant

1. Look! There’s the servant I uphold,
my chosen one from days of old.
I love him so, he’s my delight;
he comforts wounded in their plight.

2. My Spirit I will give to him;
the light he bears will not grow dim.
He will bring justice to the world;
my word to all will be unfurled.

3. He will not shout or cry aloud
or raise his voice amidst the crowd.
The tender reed he will not break,
nor will he snuff the smould’ring wick.

4. He’ll bring forth justice faithfully;
he will not fail or feel dismay,
until the whole world knows his word.
and all mankind trusts him as Lord.

George van Popta
Based on Isaiah 42:1-4
Illustration by Kristina Mans