Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some years ago I heard Prof. M. Vander Hart of Mid-America Reformed Seminary lecture on the canon of holy scripture. He said that around the time of the council of Jamnia (AD 90) some rabbis were not sure about whether the Song of Solomon should stay in the canon because of its "eroticism." They concluded it ought to stay in but one had to be over 30 years old to read it. Well, since I am over 30, I have read the book. I've also begun writing some sonnets based on it. Here's the first. 

Sweet wine
O, let my lover kiss me on the mouth.
Your love is more delightful than sweet wine.
You are the one I’ve only loved since youth.
I am my suitor’s love, and he is mine.
The fragrance of your perfume fills the air.
Your name is like anointing oil outpoured.
The maidens love you, but I will not share
with them my love for you whom I adore.
Take me away with you—let us make haste!
Oh, let the king bring me into his room.
I tremble when I am by you embraced.
I cherish you, my dearest and my groom.
Our love is more delightful than the wine
pressed from the grapes we gathered from the vine.

Based on Song of Songs 1:1-6; (c) George van Popta, 2013