Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seven Churches: Sardis

              Revelation 3:1-6

These are the words of him who holds
the seven spirits, from of old,
and seven stars within his hand,
which form the church of every land:
“All think you live but you are dead.
Wake up! Wake up! Rise from your bed!
I know your deeds are incomplete.
Arise and stand upon your feet.

“Recall, therefore, what you received.
Obey the word you once believed.
Repent from all your laziness
or I will come – to your distress.
I, like a thief, will suddenly
appear to you – surprisingly!
You do not know the time or day,
but you should know: I’m on my way.

“And yet you have a faithful few
whose clothes are clean – their lives are true.
They’ll walk with me arrayed in white
for they are worthy, my delight.
Their names are in the book of life;
they overcome the tiring strife.
Before the Father I them claim
for I will not forget their name.”

SATB version here.