Friday, December 14, 2012

Ephesus (Rev. 2:1-7)

                        Revelation 2:1-7

1.   These are the words of him who holds
the seven stars in his right hand,
who walks among the lamps of gold,
the seven lights upon their stands:
“I know your deeds and faithfulness.
The wicked you can’t tolerate,
rejecting all unrighteousness
and apostolic counterfeit.

2.   “Yet this I have as my complaint:
You have forsaken your first love.
Repent and love without restraint,
with godliness taught from above.
If you refuse to turn to me
I’ll take your lampstand from its place.
Lament your sins and thankfully
receive forgiveness out of grace.

3.   “Let anyone who has an ear
now listen to the Spirit’s word.
Let all the church be sure to hear
and pay attention to her Lord.
To him who overcomes I’ll give
the blessings of the tree of life.
In Paradise he’ll always live
as Victor over every strife.”

George van Popta © 2012                      LMD