Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Wastrel Son

The Wastrel son in Distant Land
(It can be sung to ALL SAINTS NEW

1. The wastrel son in distant land
did squander all his wealth
on wine and women, song and dance,
and damaged his good health.
Gone was the money he'd received
from Father's rich estate.
The women left, the dancing stopped,
and empty was his plate.

2. When famine came upon the land
the boy felt his great need.
A farmer hired him for his pigs,
to give to them their feed.
The pangs were bleak, the hunger cruel;
amid the swine he said:
“My Father’s slaves have more than I!
They always are well fed.

3. “Why should I starve? Why should I die?
To Father I’ll return.
My sin I will confess to him
and as a slave sojourn.
‘I don’t deserve to be your son!’
is what I will admit.
As labourer for you I’ll work,
to you I will submit.”

4. The Father lifted up his eyes
and saw his errant son.
His heart was filled with tenderness
and he began to run.
He threw his arms around his boy
and kissed him on his face.
He did not care about the stench
but only showing grace.

5. “Dear Lord and Father, I have sinned,
insulted heav’n and you.
Do not consider me your son,
I know what I am due.”
So said the boy in Father’s arms
as he felt deepest shame
for wasted wealth and how he’d harmed
his Father’s perfect Name.

6. But Father silenced his dear child
and called for robe and ring.
He dressed his son in royal array
and spared not anything.
He gave him sandals for his feet.
His son was not a slave!
He once was lost but now was found.
His sins the Lord forgave.

7. The fattened calf was slaughtered for
a feast of greatest joy.
All laughed and danced and sang with bliss
for God had saved the boy.
And we, my friends, we once were lost
but now we have been found.
Amazing grace, amazing love!
With Christ we’re safe and sound.
Text: Luke 15:13-24
Vers. George van Popta, (c) 2012