Monday, January 23, 2012

Love Ottawa!

As posted to the Jubilee eMail list:

Dear Jubilee,

We had a very good, though cold, evening on the streets last week Sunday. We spoke to and prayed with at least four men. None of them were high on anything and listened carefully to the gospel. Several guys were happy with the gift of a Bible. Many people are a paycheque or two from living on the streets. One guy we spoke with was a believing man who had lost his job, couldn't make his mortgage payments, and ended up living at the Ottawa Mission. Arrangements were in place for him to come to church yesterday, but at the last moment he went to be with his father in Cornwall.

"Kevin" asked what made us do what we are doing. We told him about Who is "making" us do what we do. He became visibly moved and said he wanted to build a memorial for us. We told him that if he wanted to build a memorial, to build it to the Lord. We chuckled about that and had a great conversation about the Lord, his Word, and moment of prayer. 

Love Ottawa! 

Pastor George