Saturday, July 16, 2011

Psalm 151 (Septuagint)

Here is versification of Psalm 151, which is found in the Septuagint, the very old Greek translation of the OT. I set it to Genevan 78 esp. because the last verses of Psalm 78 (and the last stanza of the Genevan version) are similar to this song.

1. I was the youngest one among my brothers,
the smallest son belonging to my father.
I tended sheep, both ewes and lambs I pastured
and bound their wounds whenever they were injured.
With my own hands I made a psaltery
with which I sang and praised God`s majesty.
2. And who will tell the Lord about his servant?
The Lord himself, for he to me has listened.
He sent his prophet to my father`s household
to summon me and take me from the sheepfold.
With precious oil he called me to my task.
Anointing-oil he poured out from a flask.
3. My elder brothers were so tall and handsome.
The prophet thought he could predict the outcome:
One of these fine men is the Lord's anointed!”
is what he thought, but he was disappointed.
For they did not please God—no, not at all.
I was the one whom God, the Lord, did call.

4. I went to meet the blasphemous Philistine
who cursed me by the idols of his nation.
I drew his sword, Goliath I beheaded.
I killed the one whom all the people dreaded.
I took away disgrace from Israel.
Let praises to our God in heaven swell.