Monday, May 02, 2011

New Book of Praise (13)

The New Book of Praise (13)
Hymn 46– Christ Shall Have Dominion

This mini-series is introducing the hymns that have been added to the new Book of Praise.

“Christ Shall Have Dominion,” found in the 1912 Psalter to another tune (St. Gertrude = “Onward Christian Soldiers”), is a New Testament paraphrase of Psalm 72:8-19 that brings out the Christology of the Psalm.

  •  In stanza 1 (=Ps. 72:8-11) the worldwide rule of Christ over all peoples and kingdoms is proclaimed. 
  •  Stanza 2 (= vv. 12-14) sings of Christ's saving mercy to the needy and oppressed. 
  •  Stanza 3 (= vv. 15-17) speaks of the blessings of His endless reign. 
  •  The final stanza (= vv. 18-19) is a doxology (originally the doxology that ended Book 2 of the Psalms).

Albert Piersma (so fortunate as to have been born in Friesland, in 1901, and who died in Grand Rapids in 1960) composed the tune, KING OF GLORY. Beside his day job at a furniture store, Piersma was a church organist for over thirty years. He wrote a number of hymn tunes and texts. This tune is stately and builds to a solid climax in the final line. It's majestic.
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