Saturday, April 09, 2011

The New Book of Praise (10)

Hymn 34–God Gave to Us this Day of Days

This hymn is an English version of some stanzas of a 1500 year old Latin hymn, Aurora lucis rutilat. It celebrates the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. God has given the church something to sing about. Jesus lives! He died and was buried, but he arose. As he emerged from the dark grave, he freed us from the gloomy darkness of sin and death and brought us back to light and life. Alleluia!

The tune was written by the Lutheran school teacher, organist and hymn writer, Nicolaus Herman. Many of Herman's melodies show clear affinities with folk music. This particular tune has a very pleasant swing to it.

This hymn is mean to be sung at Easter, or any Sunday morning.

Sources: Psalter Hymnal Handbook; Internet.