Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter Hymn

        The Risen Servant

1. Though He died He now is risen,
Jesus lives to die no more.
Suffering Servant, our guilt offering,
He’s the One whom we adore.
He will see His offspring flourish,
and will live forevermore.

2. Then will blossom God’s good purpose,
in the risen Servant’s hand.
After suffering, into glory,
He will do what God had planned.
He will see what He accomplished –
how our sins have all been banned.

3. By His knowledge, He’ll bless many –
countless will be justified.
He will bear all their transgressions,
all the spoils He will divide.
God will grant Him His own portion,
since He for God’s people died.

4. He was numbered with the sinners
and their guilt He bore away.
Now He’s risen, up to heaven,
there He prays for us always.
He, God’s Servant! He, our Saviour!
We will praise Him every day!

George van Popta, 2010; based on Isaiah 53:10-12