Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Green Power"

The provincial Liberal government of Ontario must be about the dumbest that ever governed anywhere. Uncle Dalton is offering to buy solar generated electricity for 80.2 cents per kwH, which is a bonanza for buddy in the country with room to spread solar panels around his property, but there is something manifestly bad about the offer. The consumer pays about 6.5 cents per kwH. Do the math: Uncle Dalton is paying more than 12 times what the consumer has to pay. Who will make up the shortfall? Eventually the consumer will have to pay soaring prices because of Dalton's politically-driven agenda. Green power looks good, eh?

I heard this morning that Dalton is going to close several coal-burning electricity-generating plants. The green agenda at work again! There is no way that even thousands of solar panels would generate enough electricity to make up for the deficit, so Ontario will need to buy from American coal burning plants, which will drive the price up again.

Bring Mike Harris back for we need some common sense.