Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CRCNA synod on climate change and human origins

Today the CRCNA synod established a task force to compile a perspective on humanity's role as a steward of God's creation. The report is to identify, among other things, the church's position on climate change. How trendy.

Synod also removed a 1991 guideline that restricted what was allowed to be taught about human origins. The guideline, now removed, read:

The church declares, moreover, that the clear teaching of Scripture and of our confessions on the uniqueness of human beings as imagebearers of God rules out the espousing of all theorizing that posits the reality of evolutionary forebears of the human race.
One CTS prof was quoted as saying the removal is good because, although "he holds strongly to orthodox beliefs on the subject, the declaration prohibited him from offering his students another point of view – namely that God may have included animals as a means of leading to the creation of man."

Right. One point of view is as good as the next.

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