Monday, August 10, 2009

Korean Book of Praise

Sometimes interesting things happen. When I was in BC last week, a young Korean woman presented me with a Korean Book of Praise. "The Love and the Covenant Reformed Churches in Korea" took it upon themselves to produce and publish a Korean translation of the Book of Praise. It includes the 150 Korean-Genevan Psalms, the 65 hymns of the Book of Praise, translations of the preface, indices, and of "our" versions of the Three Forms of Unity, liturgical forms, recommended orders of worship, and the church order. In other words, it is the Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches, except in Korean. Remarkable.

It is beautifully covered and bound, and looks much better than our editions. The Hebrew letters on the right side of the cover are from Genesis 17, God's covenant with Abraham.

Here are Hymns 34 and 35.

Here is Psalm 96.

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