Monday, May 11, 2009

Continued erosion of Christianity in Canada

Canada's motto is "He shall have dominion also from sea to sea." It is engraved above one of the windows in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill. These beautiful words come from Psalm 72:8. "He" is the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ. The founding fathers of Canada acknowledged the kingship of Christ over our land.

The motto forms the key words on our Coat of Arms. They are in Latin: "A mari usque ad mare."

The word "Dominion" (from Ps. 72:8) has fallen into disuse. We are the Dominion of Canada. We used to celebrate "Dominion Day" on July 1st. Today we celebrate the lame-sounding "Canada Day."

Now Mr. Ignatieff wants to change our motto. He knows that Canada has three seacoasts: Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic. As a nod to our northern compatriots, and likely looking for their votes, he wants to change the motto to, "From Sea to Sea to Sea."

Yes, Michael, we have three seacoasts. We need to defend the Arctic. We need to ensure a Canadian presence there. Are you not glad, Michael, that Mr. Harper is doing something about that? Liberals just talk. Liberals tinker. Conservatives do things. Mr. Ignatieff wants to tinker with the motto.

It would be a shame to change the motto. It would be another example of the steady erosion of Christianity in Canada. The motto is good. It has nothing to do with how many seacoasts Canada has; rather, it has everything to do with whether we, as a country, acknowledge Christ as King or reject him.