Thursday, April 16, 2009

Almost the lovely time of year

Yesterday, as I was driving up from Kemptville, I noticed that the trees had a green hue. That can mean only one thing--the leaves are returning! I like all the seasons, but winter is not my favourite. The "worst" thing about winter is the barreness of nature. I don't mind the cold, I like the snow, and I love the Ottawa blue skies, but I find the bare trees -- month after month -- rather stark. The deciduous trees are leafless for six months. That seems like a rather long time. But we are rounding the corner. April 15th has slipped past. This is an important date for Ontario Springs as it means that we can leave our winter cabins and start thinking about spending time in the yard again. Soon the leaves will start bursting forth from their buds. May 3-10: watch for it! It's a lovely time of year.