Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stem cell research

Barack Obama has, by executive order, rescinded George W. Bush's policy against funding any new embryonic stem cell research. Obama's order is motivated purely by politics and ideology, not by science. 

The Bush policy (Aug. 2001) withheld public funds from new embryonic research that involved the destruction of human life. Funds went, rather, to research and harvesting of adult stem cells. 

The sad irony is that the latter is not only more ethical; adult stem cells have proven to be more effective than embryonic.

Embryonic stem cells not only include the destruction of unborn children; they have yet to work in humans. So far significant problems are the result of injecting them into the body. The problems range from the growth of tumors to rejection by the immune system.

Obama is proving to be the liberal's liberal. He knowingly buys into the myth of the benefits of embryonic stem cells because he cannot and will not be seen to be pro-life. He had the gall to preface his order with some weasel words about being a person of faith. Pure hypocrisy. 

Thankfully he will only last four years before being soundly and roundly rejected by the American people.