Monday, March 30, 2009


Shakedown, by Ezra Levant, is an important book for freedom of religion, speech and conscience in Canada. Christians, especially, should be concerned about the "human rights" commissions in Canada. Near the end of the book he writes: "... the CHRC is anti-Christian.... the CHRC has never once prosecuted a 'hate speech' complaint against any non-Christian, though there is plenty of non-Christian bigotry in Canada. No Muslim extremist, no Tamil extremist, no Sikh extremist has ever been prosecuted, though those communities are wracked with internecine hates between radical and moderate camps, that sometimes spill over into violence. But [the CHRC] would rather pick on a seventy-something Catholic priest for publishing a newsletter...."

Christians should be thankful for this book. Christians should read it. They should speak to their MPs about the Canadian Human Rights Act, and especially section 13. The Act, and at least section 13, needs to be repealed.

Thanks Ezra, a real Canadian tiger!