Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama and stem cell research

Today in his column, "Obama is no champion of science," Raymond J. de Souza writes about Obama's reversal of the Bush ban on the public funding of embryonic stem cell research (ESCR). 

As is well known, ESCR has produced no results that show any promise of being used for healing any diseases or injuries while adult stem cell research does show such promise. But, remember, it's about politics and about ensuring that one not, under any circumstances, appear to be pro-life. 

De Souza reveals Obama to be a shallow idealogue when he writes: 
Yet despite the science and ethics increasingly being on the same side, namely against embryo-destructive research, Obama chose to go with politics. Indeed, while the President spoke at length about his funding announcement on Monday, he was curiously silent on another action he took at the same time. He reversed a Bush executive order from 2007 which directed funding toward adult stem cell research and reprogramming research -- that is, research that offers the same promise with no ethical objections. President Obama had no pretty words for that part of his policy. While presenting himself as a champion of science, he moved to reduce federal funds to stem cell research that is more promising than ESCR. Obama's stem cell policy is positively hostile to research that does not destroy embryos. It is perverse on the science, and disingenuous on the politics.
The hypocrisy of the liberal is despicable.