Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guide to the Writings of Herman Bavinck

Guide to the Writings of Herman Bavinck (see here for the first eight pages) by Eric D. Bristley (Reformation Heritage Books, 2008; 157 pp) is a good little book.

The opening essay is biographical and provides a survey of Bavinck's contributions to the fields of theology, philosophy, psychology, education and politics.

The bulk of the book is a bibliography of all Bavinck's writings, both Dutch and translations. What makes this bibliography engaging is that often an (English) excerpt is given of the listed work.

John Bolt includes an essay on "Bavinck in English."

As well, there is a section on Bavinck's archives and letters, and one on secondary literature about Bavinck. Finally, it includes an index of all his titles in alpha order.

This will be a handy reference guide to lead one into the thought and scholarship of a pre-eminent theologian.