Thursday, March 12, 2009

Athiest ads

Ottawa city council reversed the decision of OC Transpo that did not allow the athiest ads on the Ottawa buses. Article here

Oh well. If the athiests are wasting their money on such useless enterprizes, they are not spending it on anything destructive. 

While the athiests waste their money on useless ads, Christians continue to use their money for the relief of the needy. E.g., at Jubilee Church, this past Sunday, we had our "food bank Sunday" (same Sunday as "holy supper Sunday") and collected several bins of food which goes to a food bank for homeless youths and children that live on the streets of Ottawa. Also, in a few weeks, we will do another "Soup & Socks" run for the benefit of the homeless men and women who live downtown Ottawa. 

We'll have to get a picture of us handing out soup and socks with an athiest ad in the background. The image of a Christian demonstrating love to another human being will show the lie of the ad. 

There is a God! His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The fool says in his heart, there is no god (Psalm 14).