Monday, December 08, 2008

Bob Rae

In his blog, Bob Rae bemoans the growing idea that the Liberal caucus (76 Liberal MPs) should elect a leader to replace Stephane Dion. Rae considers this undemocratic in the extreme. He is calling for a grassroots membership vote, perhaps via the Internet.

Taken in isolation, I can see Rae's point. I think that by now all the parties have moved away from the old British system of the caucus selecting their leader (btw, that old system was not all bad). They have moved to a grassroots system by which all members get to have a vote. 

But taken in context, Mr. Rae makes no sense. He is all for foisting a coalation, formed in the back rooms, for which no one voted and most people don't want, on to Canada as the next government. 

I hesitate to use the word "hypocrisy", but it does come to mind.