Wednesday, October 29, 2008

West Coast Fall

And my sister, living on the West Coast, wrote: 
Aren't we having just the most beautiful weather here on the West Coast! The trees are just fantastically beautiful as they slowly drop their leaves. On a walk a week or so ago, we were on a trail in the trees when we saw some trees, standing along the river, lit up by the sun. They were gleaming like gold! What a sight! We've had no wind, some freezing nights and warm, sunny days. Makes for a beautiful show! Our native deciduous trees are mainly many different colours of yellow--from greenish yellow to brownish yellow. But many of the boulevard trees planted by the municipalities turn red in the Fall. I think in the past people tended to plant evergreens but the last several years we're seeing more and more deciduous trees. Today Bill and I spent quite a bit of time in the garden trimming shrubs, cutting down perennials, pruning roses, raking leaves. A lovely day. 
 As we, in Ottawa, look forward to getting up early to dig ourselves out.