Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ministers' Conference

From Tuesday night until Thursday afternoon, we enjoyed an all-Ontario Canadian Reformed ministers' conference at Campfire! in Markdale. Eighteen ministers attended. The topics were: An Exegetical study on "El Shaddai" (no, not the song!); an evaluation of three sermons on Eccl. 1; Developments in the GKV (our sister churches in the Netherlands); new concepts in Homiletics at Kampen U; Abraham, Faith and Works: Romans 4 as a test for the New Perspective on Paul; How to handle appeals. As well, there was time for pastoral advice and we were encouraged by the devotions. The food was great as were the sleeping accommodations. The unanimous opinion was that the conference was a great success. We have already put down a deposit for next year, June 9-11. (See pictures below.)