Friday, November 02, 2007

Look out for scams. After I replied to an online ad about a Mazda3 GT for $6000 that looked to good to be true, I got this in reply:

Well I can tell you this, my car is like new, clean title. I use to live in USA, untill 3 weeks ago, when I moved with my family to Glasgow, Scotland, UK. At first I had the intention of taking my car with me there in order to register it and keep it, but I discovered that it is very hard to register a US car here and the taxes are high and then was also the shipping,also high. Not to mention that here the gasoline is much expensive and not to mention the fact that here cars have the sterling wheel on the right side, not like in US. So,unfortunately, I had to leave the car in the US at the shipping company.
The price I am asking is very resonable, and I hope you will not ask me to lower the price even more, I chose a resonable low price to avoid negotiations and sell my car fast.More than that I will pay for shipping.The payment will be made trough WorldPay ( ) and you will only have to place at them a small deposit after wich I will ship you the car and you will have 10 days to inspect it and pay the rest of the money. In case you dont like it you will get your money back from WorldPay and the shipping company will take the car back at my expences.To start all this I will first need your name, address and phone number to send to WorldPay and have them contact you with all the payment and shipping detailes.

waiting for your reply soon

Right! I'll do all of that right away!