Friday, February 02, 2007

From my church bulletin, Feb. 4, 2007:

As you will know, the Lord called my mother to her heavenly home Thursday, Jan. 25th. I arrived at her bedside the day before. She was still lucid and so we were able to spend some good hours with her talking, reading scripture, singing and praying. That night she fell into a very deep sleep. Late Thursday afternoon she emerged from her sleep for several hours. We had some limited contact with her and were yet able to comfort her with the promises of the gospel. She fell asleep again around 7 PM. Her breathing slowly became shallower until, at just after 9 PM, the Lord Jesus reached through the veil and, gently, quietly and peacefully, took my mother's soul to be with Him. The funeral was on Tuesday. We are sad but comforted in Jesus Christ. We will miss our dear mother and grandma, but are so very happy for her knowing that she is with the Lord and Saviour she loved and served for 90 years. Soli Deo Gloria! Thank you very much for the cards and words of sympathy and encouragement. They were and are very encouraging.