Monday, November 13, 2006

Today was a very rich day. This morning, in Ancaster, we observed the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). I preached on IDOP's theme text, Matthew 5:10-12: "Blessed are the persecuted, etc." As always, my congregation sang the Psalms of David with great enthusiasm. At the close of the service we sent the devil scampering and whimpering like a beaten dog with the words of Psalm 2 sung fff.

At 1 PM I worshipped at the Sudanese Christian Fellowship. My brother John preached. It is great to worship with my Sudanese siblings who have fled to Canada for refuge. They are remarkable people of faith. The Arabic hymns are challenging -- likely as challenging as it is for our Sudanese brothers and sisters to sing the Genevans. We did not sing the only one I really know. Oh well. Maybe next time.

This evening I preached at the Streetlight outreach service. Always a great joy. It's moving to see how open these former and present street people, considered the detritus of humanity, are to the gospel.

A full and rich day for this pastor! He is thankful to God for what he could experience and do.