Tuesday, September 26, 2006

From CFAC:


Dear Leader,

I want to advise you of an issue of deep concern. Our tax dollars were used to fund a project called the Little Black Book. It is a very uncivilized resource book cited as a healthy guide to sex and relationships. It is not healthy. This was online, is at some public libraries, and in some Chapters stores.

You may see a few pages that we preserved before St Stephens House and Industry Canada removed all links after we exposed it. Go to http://www.canadianvalues.ca/warning_page_001.htm but be warned of the caustic and offensive content. I will not cite quotes here but some information is false but presented as fact. Some statements set up conflict between parents and children and some are simply pornographic to incite sexual behavior.

A real concern is that the government would use our tax dollars to develop and promote this. Canada Family Action Coalition has a petition which we ask you to print and have congregations sign, calling for a stop of funding for any item/ project that indoctrinates children into risky, promiscuous or same sex acts. The government should not be in the business of promoting sex, and certainly not with tax dollars.
The petition is at www.familyaction.org in the top box. Click - Online or PDF version.

Now in public schools there is a push to write new curriculum that contains teaching that declares the equality of homosexual sex with heterosexual sex. The new law that Parliament passed less than a year ago re-defining marriage has been used as grounds for pushing into curriculum for public education, items like "queer" sex and culture and even giving legal mandate for homosexual activists to write and review health and sex ed curriculum in BC. And now a booklet, coincidentally titled Little Black Book ( but different) has been developed as a resource for all Grade 9 - 12 students in Manitoba. It has not yet been officially approved but is meeting with disapproval from parents.

IT IS TIME - CHURCH - to confront, head on, the attacks upon our children in the area of sex and sexuality. CFAC had said 3 years ago that public education was a dangerous place for children due to the false and dangerous teaching. Some people called us alarmists and some leaders rebuked us.
Now the reality is in your face; and in the minds of children. And it is putting the children who attend public school from your church, at risk. Physical, mental and spiritual risk.
What will you do about it?

CFAC would ask that you make parents aware of this kind of thing.
CFAC would ask that you teach parents how to oppose wrong teaching and give right teaching.
CFAC asks that children be strengthened in classes at church to oppose the indoctrination of their minds.

You may consider a seminar on marriage and sexuality for adults and perhaps for children and their parents.

IF the church does not ensure the continued teaching of marriage and sexuality as God designed it , within two generations marriage and sexual mores will be fully eliminated. Alarmist? No. Reality, yes.

CFAC also would like you to circulate the petition asking government to stop funding projects that may cause harm to children's health and well being. If copies were made available people could take them to their friends, neighbors and workplaces. Most parents, relgoiuys or secular do NOT want their children indoctrinated with teaching that opposes family and marriage values.

Thank you for taking this seriously, and taking action on the matter.

For in the church lies the hope of the children's future.

Canada Family Action Coalition - You Can Make a Difference!
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