Monday, August 07, 2006

The Call to Reformation people are calling for Canadian Reformed brethren and consistories to liberate themselves from our federation's decisions to enter into EF with other Reformed churches and, ultimately, to secede from the federation. They write:
Once it has been determined that these conclusions are justified, brothers and sisters should write to their own consistories in order to show why these decisions should not be upheld. They must also ask these consistories to liberate themselves and their congregations from the consequences of these unscriptural decisions.
I note that some of the signatories of the call have already seceded (even though they call themselves "... living members of the Canadian and American Reformed Churches." I'm not sure how you can be a member and a seceder at the same time). But as for those who have not (yet) seceded, they ought either to acquiesece in the decisions that have been repeatedly and unsuccessfully appealed or secede. Not to secede but, rather, to raise a ruckus in the church smacks more of "raising discord, sects and mutiny" (to put it in the terms of the old Lord Supper form) than correct behaviour.