Monday, November 28, 2005

Last night, my daughter Sarah (3rd year nursing student), her cousin Andre Schutten and Henk Huijgen (also both university students), presented Pro-Life 101 in Ancaster Church. It drew an audience of about 550-600 people. Their 1 1/2 hour presentation was very impressive and challenging. It had several components: biblical data; scientific data; a skit to teach pro-life apologetics -- all movingly interspersed with audience singing of Psalms and Hymns. Good use was made of audio and visual media. Because of its high-impact nature, it was billed as likely not appropriate for children under 14. There were reps from several local pro-life organizations, a Christian adoption agency and a home for young pregnant women, who all had booths set up in Fellowship Hall. Pro-Life 101 has already been presented to several schools (Reformed and Roman Catholic). The trio is getting more requests to speak at other venues. The president of Halton Right to Life said they should go on a bus tour. (Sounds exciting. There's just that little thing about university lectures, papers and exam.)

Congatulations to Sarah and her friends for a job very well done!

Sarah's dad (and biggest fan).