Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Defend Marriage Canada Begins Campaign to Elect a Pro-traditional Marriage Parliament

Ottawa, November 22, 2005

Media Release

Pat O’Brien, M.P., (Independent) for London-Fanshawe, and the Hon. Dr. Grant Hill, P.C., former M.P. and former Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, announced today a national campaign to elect a pro-traditional marriage Parliament at the next election.

Mr. O’Brien and Dr. Hill are the national co-chairs of this co-operative grassroots campaign called “Defend Marriage Canada”.

Grant Hill and Pat O’Brien were on opposite sides of the House for 11 years. This non-partisan approach is evident in their working together. Mr. O’Brien said “working with a former political opponent on this issue shows how important traditional marriage is to both of us, as it is to millions of our fellow Canadians”.

The campaign will be non-partisan in nature, national in scope and will in some ridings express a clear preference for a given candidate. This preference or endorsement will be based not on political party, but on the bases of candidates’ publicly-stated views on restoring the traditional definition of marriage.

The key goal of “Defend Marriage Canada” is to elect a parliament which will restore the traditional definition of marriage as “the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others”.

This campaign will encourage Canadians in all 308 ridings to support the strongest pro-traditional marriage candidate. It will pay closer attention to certain ridings.

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