Saturday, October 15, 2005

For the first time, Canada has a truly secular Governor-General. For the first time in our history, an incoming G-G has refused to swear the oath of office on the Bible. As reports: "THE ORGANIZERS of the installation of Michaelle Jean, as our new governor-general, made quite a point of the fact that she declined the use of the Bible, when she took her oath of office." The slide into secularism continues in Canada.

And from the National Post, September 24:
Michaelle Jean, the governor-general-designate, has chosen not to swear an oath on a Bible during her installation ceremony on Tuesday and will instead pronounce a solemn affirmation, her press secretary has confirmed. "She's not going to swear on the Bible because she is not practising herself, so it would show a lack of respect to the people who have faith," Catherine Gagnaire said.