Wednesday, May 04, 2005

From CFAC Communications Centre:

Update on Bill C-38 - Second reading debate on Paul Martin's anti-marriage Bill (C-38) concluded today, Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005, and a vote is scheduled to take place tomorrow by 6:00 PM EST, Wednesday, May 4th.

You are urged to pray for the defeat of the Bill and the government if necessary.

A Few More Details: A second reading vote is an approval in principle for a Bill. The next step is for the Bill to go to a special Parliamentary committee for further review and consideration of amendments prior to third and final reading/vote. While some pro-marriage Liberal MPs, including London MP, Pat O'Brien, were promised that the Committee will travel in order to allow input from Canadians from across the country, it is not at all clear that the Prime Minister will follow up on that promise. All indications are that the Committee will attempt to push this Bill through as quickly as possible towards a third and final reading vote before the government is defeated.

Pray for defeat of Bill C-38. An election call before the Bill proceeds all the way through to Senate would cause its demise.