Friday, May 20, 2005

Canadian politics has been anything but its usual bland this past week. It's very interesting that it was Chuck Cadman's Reform principles of really listening to his constituents that made him vote against his former Reform-now-Conservative colleagues. I appreciate Cadman, but I find it unfortunate that his vote was, essentially, the crucial one that passed the Liberal-Socialist budget.

Belinda Stronach's crossing of the floor two days before the vote, paid for by Prime Minister Martin with a cabinet post, is sickening and reprehensible. May she never be elected again!

I was hoping the corrupt and inept Liberal gov't would fall last night, but the silver lining is that now the election will happen after the findings of the Gomery Commission will be completed and reported.

Yesterday was a historical moment. It was the first time in Canadian history that the Speaker of the House had to cast the tie-breaker in a confidence motion. (Convention judges that the Speaker vote in favour of maintaining the status quo. Tradition obliged him to vote with the government.)

Riddle: What do you get when you combine blind ambition with incompetence?

Answer: A Liberal cabinet minister.